3body paragraphs persuasive essay

Dear simon
thanks for the valuable help and support . Would be grateful if you could answer these questions:
the question topic address the exam taker with the word "YOU " or "YOUR "so as to make it an opinion essay? if so, questions ending in "Discuss." are discussion essays and "Discuss both views and give your own opinion" is an opinion one,right?
2. does "What are the advantages and disadvantages of...." fall under the category of discussion essay?
3. Once i was told by an IELTS examiner to avoid using phrases such as "I believe", "I would argue that...", one other time I was actively encouraged to use them by sb else, Another examiner told me using the words "I"or"my" is only allowed in opinion essays and not in discussion. Could you help me figure out these problems please.

At one time, books were produced as 'letter-books', [3] where the body of text consisted of chapters of solid text, unillustrated. Where illustrations were provided, these were costly and so plates were inserted in sections, either at the end of the body matter, or grouped within the signatures . Development in printing in the early 20th century, and particularly developments in newspaper design and the incorporation of photographs, encouraged the development of the 'picture-book' [3] where images were mixed in the text and formed part of the body matter itself [3] (although in most cases, this was still outside the paragraphs of the typesetter's body text).

3body paragraphs persuasive essay

3 body paragraphs persuasive essay


3 body paragraphs persuasive essay3 body paragraphs persuasive essay3 body paragraphs persuasive essay3 body paragraphs persuasive essay