Ashridge essay

Business travel is a major business expense and a source of greenhouse gas emissions for HP and its global customers. To come up with an environmental alternative to the airplane, HP's engineers created HP's Halo Virtual Collaboration System (VCS), a state-of-the-art broadcast studio for "face-to-face" business meetings. Sitting in a Halo room, users have the impression that they are looking through a window at their life-size colleagues. The crystal clear picture conveys every nod and gesture and everyone's voice is heard at once. Businesses have the ability to connect up to four Halo studios - they could be on four continents - with a few clicks of a mouse.

It should be noted that both Durham (1832) and London (1836) could be considered as having been expressly made universities by the sovereign power (royal assent to an Act of Parliament in Durham's case, royal charter in London's), making them universities whether they fulfilled all the criteria or not. Thus Masters could write in 1862 that "the distinctive character of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge is, that they are corporations of Teachers in Arts, having the power to grant Degrees. This is Huber’s idea; and it would appear to be his opinion that this is the essential character of a University : but we shall learn in the sequel that of the three elements here commingled, only two are common to all Universities of modern date". [66]

Ashridge essay

ashridge essay


ashridge essayashridge essayashridge essayashridge essay