Breast self examination research paper

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~ Overview ~   reast Cancer, like all cancers, will eventually cause death if it is allowed to progress through our body for a long enough time. Something that we can do for ourselves, to monitor whether we have breast cancer, is to perform a Breast Self Examination. Involve your partner and make it a part of your personal relationship. If performing a BSE can possibly save us from experiencing the tragedy of having to fight breast cancer, then that time will be very well spent, indeed. It is very easy to do, and takes only a few minutes of our time.

Qualitative descriptive-exploratory design will be used for this study. This design is selected science, little is known about BSE experience among women, as the majority of studies carried out on women's knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and practices related to BSE have been quantitative (Kearney, 2006). Which are chiefly designed to describe the demographic variables associated with its practice, increase the compliance or proficiency of women, or evaluate it as a screening technique. According to Polit and Beck (2008) qualitative approach is conducting the study within naturalistic pattern. A qualitative method deals with experiences of human being in real life by exploring it directly. It helps to understand the phenomenon in- deeply, by giving rich and most appropriate information. In addition according to Pope and Mays (1995) suggested that qualitative research helps to understand complex behaviors and attitude. The purpose of exploratory study is to examine a specific concept about which little is known (Burns and Grove, 2007). It emphasizes on identification of factors related to a phenomenon of interest. As this study aims to explore perception related to BES Knowledge, attitude and practice of middle age women in Egypt, therefore, a qualitative exploratory descriptive design is best suited to this study.

Breast self examination research paper

breast self examination research paper


breast self examination research paperbreast self examination research paperbreast self examination research paperbreast self examination research paper