Cause and effect sample essays

Once you get these likely ideas laid out on the diagram, you will then have to prove whether these are actually causes, or if they were incorrect guesses. Because brainstorming is an unscientific activity, many of the suspected causes do not actually have a relationship with the effect. It is also important to distinguish between causal relationships and correlation . Some of the ideas that initially make it to the fishbone diagram are related, but only through a third factor. For example, umbrellas and worms on sidewalks are linked, but only through another factor, namely rain.

As a result, the government not only lost a great amount of potential tax money from the producers and distributors of alcohol, but also initiated the appearance and rapid development of numerous criminal organizations that received most of their incomes from bootlegging (illegal alcohol trade). As it is clearly seen, this entire situation was quite natural and easy to predict. When something becomes hard to come by, while not ceasing to be a desired commodity, it becomes expensive. When there is a lack of supply for an expensive commodity, however dangerous its production and distribution is, there appear people who want to make money on it, and they won’t disappear until the law that brought them into existence disappears.

Cause and effect sample essays

cause and effect sample essays


cause and effect sample essayscause and effect sample essayscause and effect sample essayscause and effect sample essays