Civil essay movement right

In 1952, the Regional Council of Negro Leadership (RCNL), led by T. R. M. Howard , a black surgeon, entrepreneur, and planter, organized a successful boycott of gas stations in Mississippi that refused to provide restrooms for blacks. Through the RCNL, Howard led campaigns to expose brutality by the Mississippi state highway patrol and to encourage blacks to make deposits in the black-owned Tri-State Bank of Nashville which, in turn, gave loans to civil rights activists who were victims of a "credit squeeze" by the White Citizens' Councils . [22]

Are we honoring King and his message by calling off school and separating students? By doing so we leave them to their own means if they are to have the opportunity to participate in activities that will help them learn about King and his civil rights message? Instead of having students of all backgrounds sitting side by side, we are separating them as they are in the larger society. Once again only the students from families resourced well enough or who value King’s dream will have the opportunity to participate and learn. What about the other students who need this equity of outcome? What about the ALL? To honor King’s dream of ALL students learning the same things in the same classrooms with the same teachers and to give ALL students the opportunity to learn the meaning of his message, SLCS keeps students in school and provides related learning activities for all. This is the way we honor King on his birthday and throughout the year.

Civil essay movement right

civil essay movement right


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