Culture and tradition essay

The finale is the most memorable segment of the wedding. Family members and friends take turns to tie the bride’s and groom’s left and right wrists with ‘blessing strings’. The praises and wishes of happiness, good health, success, prosperity, and long-lasting love are acknowledged and witnessed by the loud sound of the gong and joyful cheers. Then, they throw palm flowers over the new couple accompanied by a traditional song. After the couple is pronounced husband and wife, the groom holds the bride’s fabric into the bridal room accompanied by a traditional song.

Later in the month, the festivals become more crowded as families start preparing for the “Aid Al Fitr,” or holiday of feasting. This is the Moslem holiday most like Christmas, as kids get new clothes and toys. Families start shopping for the Aid after the Ramadan halfway point, and kids start telling everybody their wish list. Mothers also start preparing or shopping for special pastries such as Baklava and Kaak. The Ramadan evenings start to become more of a frantic shopping season as everybody wants to be ready for the big day.

Culture and tradition essay

culture and tradition essay


culture and tradition essayculture and tradition essayculture and tradition essayculture and tradition essay