Justice system essay

The federal government sets a tone, and you will hear complaints from several states that the new administration has had a chilling effect on state legislatures. When the attorney general instructs federal prosecutors to charge the maximum, as Jeff Sessions has done, when his response to a national opioid epidemic is to yearn for a revival of a discredited 1980s anti-drug program, that sends a message to state legislators contemplating new approaches — and a warning to states that have legalized marijuana. So far, since the new sheriff arrived in Washington, reform measures have lost momentum in Kentucky and Oklahoma. An advocate involved in the reform battles in both states said of the rhetorical barbs from the White House and DOJ: “To say that those things haven’t had an impact on the environment is just incredibly naive.”

Grant you posted this article one day after the Dash Cam video was released to the public. I did watch it? “I understand Kaepernick’s anger — the killing of Castille was tragic and disturbing.” A young man was murdered in front of his child and her mother. It’s a little more than tragic and disturbing. Castille is dead and the person that murdered him is free and get’s to live on with zero consequence. “This tweet cancels out everything Kaepernick did this off-season to resurrect his career.” So because he brought attention to the fact that another LEO walks free after killing a person of color his career should be over? Grant I’m not implying how you feel about this particular situation… but maybe try to think of “Why?” Kap posts these tweets regarding social injustice. IMO I have no issue with his comparison of Police today with Slave Patrollers of the past in this specific incident. A LEO pulled over a car because he said they resembled 2 people suspected of armed robbery. He said the driver had a wide-nose. Castille in a calm manner let the LEO know he had a firearm on him and within seconds he was dead. 7 shots fired into a car next to a woman and her child. Zero consequence.

It does not follow, however, that all just men and women recognize the ultimate source of ideas about justice, or appeal to that ultimate source. My grandfather never read a line that Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote, though his understanding of justice accorded well enough with what Aquinas expresses so convincingly in the Summa. To my grandfather the justice-concepts of the Hebraic and classical and medieval cultures were transmitted through British and American moral, legal, and literary traditions, and through long custom and habit within his family and within the small-town American communities where he had lived. If pressed as to why he held a certain understanding of the word "justice" -- indeed, he once compulsorily engaged in a dialogue on that subject with a rather Nietzschean desperado intent on persuading my grandfather to open his bank's safe -- I suppose that Frank Pierce would have replied, "Because good men always have so believed." Securus judicat orbis terrarum, bonos non esse qui se dividunt ab orbe terrarum in quacunque parte terrarum, Saint Augustine of Hippo instructs us -- "The calm judgment of the world is that those men cannot be good who, in any part of the world, cut themselves off from the rest of the world." The word justice implies obligation to others, or to an Other.

Justice system essay

justice system essay


justice system essayjustice system essayjustice system essayjustice system essay