Privatization of prisons thesis

Policing itself has also evolved to create additional ways to gather information on our communities. Street cameras, license plate readers, domestic drones, stingray cell phone interceptors and other technologies are deployed in public spaces without the knowledge or consent of local communities, and give the individual little choice but to be tracked. The data captured through these technologies  –  including location information, facial images, and cell phone data  –  are being centralized at digital fusion centers and held for indeterminate amounts of time. 

According to journalist Matt Taibbi , Wall Street banks took notice of this influx of cash, and are now some of the prison industry's biggest investors. Wells Fargo has around $100 million invested in GEO Group and $6 million in CCA. Other major investors include Bank of America , Fidelity Investments , General Electric and The Vanguard Group . CCA's share price went from a dollar in 2000 to $ in 2013. [23] Sociologist John L. Campbell and activist and journalist Chris Hedges respectively assert that prisons in the United States have become a "lucrative" and "hugely profitable" business. [24] [25]

Privatization of prisons thesis

privatization of prisons thesis


privatization of prisons thesisprivatization of prisons thesisprivatization of prisons thesisprivatization of prisons thesis