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Against that, the Rs lakh crore that the Swachh Bharat Mission is estimated to cost—$ billion, by the exchange rate at the time the campaign began—seems a prudent investment. But as Manoj Kumar Jha, the head of the department of social work at the University of Delhi, told me, “Modi-ji has the art and ability of creating an event which is seen 24-7 across TV channels,” and the Swachh Bharat Mission “fits well in his scheme of lots of sound but low substance.” If Jha is right, much of the money being spent for the campaign is going down the drain.

A true inspiration for all men and women is Chanda Kochhar. She has achieved a perfect balance in between work and home. An optimistic for eternity, she is always up for the challenge and faces criticism fearlessly and with humility. Women in our country for ages has been struggling to play so many roles in their lives – as mothers, as homemakers, as business women, as innovators and as dreamers to build a nation’s destiny. It is one and only one who can strike the balance of work and home can see the fruits of success and peace in life.

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Ramon magsaysay essay competition

ramon magsaysay essay competition


ramon magsaysay essay competitionramon magsaysay essay competitionramon magsaysay essay competitionramon magsaysay essay competition