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The Biological sciences Division at the Institute has been for decades known as an internationally recognized Centre for fundamental modern biological rch. In recent years, useful applications of the research is receiving increased attention. The general current strategy is to carry out excellent fundamental research and to vigorously pursue the applications that flow from it. Currently, the scientists in the Division are in the process of collectively orchestrating most of their efforts under the following three broad areas with considerable application potential. They are:

Arvanitika shares many features with the Tosk dialect spoken in Southern Albania. However, it has received a great deal of influence from Greek , mostly related to the vocabulary and the phonological system. At the same time, it is reported to have preserved some conservative features that were lost in mainstream Albanian Tosk. For example, it has preserved certain syllable-initial consonant clusters which have been simplified in Standard Albanian (cf. Arvanitika gljuhë [ˈɡljuhə] ('language/tongue'), vs. Standard Albanian gjuhë [ˈɟuhə] ).

David Zahle is a Partner at BIG and has been Project and Design Architect for many of BIG’s award-winning and built projects. David’s most recently completed project is the Danish Maritime Museum, a museum designed around an abandoned dry dock next to a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Helsingør, Denmark. His collaboration with Bjarke Ingels began in 2002 with the VM Residences; in the same year, as a project leader he won the competition for the Helsingør Psychiatric Hospital which he followed through to its completion in 2006. David oversees the design of many prominent cultural and mixed-use projects including Kistefos Museum, a new art gallery and sculpture park in Norway, Västerås Travel Center in Sweden, and the Amager Resource Centre, a new Waste-toEnergy Plant with an innovative roof doubling as a ski slope, Panda House, Berlin Towers and Cloud City in Aalborg. David lectures in Denmark and abroad about BIG’s works and methods. He is also host of the program series ’Mesterlige ombygninger’, or ‘Masterful conversions’ on Denmark’s TV2. Since the start of 2015 David has been responsible for Business Development of BIG’s office in Copenhagen.

Structural alphabet phd dissertation

structural alphabet phd dissertation


structural alphabet phd dissertationstructural alphabet phd dissertationstructural alphabet phd dissertationstructural alphabet phd dissertation