Tourism in india essays

Tourists that come to India are mesmerized by what they see here. The rich contrast of culture and varied topography topped with a huge diversification in weather is more than what a stranger in this land can handle. When he lands in a modern airport and when he steps out in the streets to honking horns and crammed streets with beggars on the roads and even cows sharing that space, the contrast mesmerizes. And this contrast is exactly what they come looking for. The colorful culture and vibrant helpful people, the lands, mountains and rivers, the religious places and thousand year old Yog tradition, India goes on attracting.

Tourism emerged as the largest global industry of the 20th century and is projected to grow even faster in the 21st century. India has immense possibilities of growth in the tourism sector with vast cultural and religious heritage, varied natural attractions, but a comparatively small role in the world tourism scene. Looking from this angle, India should have been a tourism haven as the country is blessed with tourism destinations and products catering to the tastes and preferences of tourists and travellers of all ages and economic backgrounds... This, coupled with the adverse travel advisories, has thrown the growth of Indian tourism off-gear in spite of some major initiatives on the policy front...

Tourism in india essays

tourism in india essays


tourism in india essaystourism in india essaystourism in india essaystourism in india essays